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From here you can listen to some of our most recent shows 


What’s going in our community? We’ve got you covered with our ongoing look at the goings on of East Dunbartonshire. From car shows to craft fairs and local history to local heroes, this is In Our Community. We’ve heard from MP candidates about their campaigns, actors regaling us with news of new shows they want everyone to know about, and even a Miss Galaxy Scotland finalist! The council’s official tweets are regularly read out as well to cover traffic updates, volunteering news and community endeavours and achievements.


East Dunbartonshire is diverse and vibrant and we’re always keen to hear more about it and so if there’s anything you’d love to share with us and your community, let us know and we can arrange an interview.

Through The Seasons - PAGAN MUSIC & DISCUSSION


Siusaidh Ceanadach presents a show that brings the spirit of the seasons straight to you. Featuring some of Siusaidh's favourite music, which are guaranteed to make you feel more at peace, the show also explains the in depth concepts of nature and the lunar cycle, and details how to get the most of the changing world around you. With guests from the Pagan community and discussion of ongoing events. 


Alyson Dunlop presents discussion of the supernatural, the mysterious, the bizarre and the downright unexplained! With regular guests discussing meetups, literature and more and with Alyson's favourite music to break it all up. 


The Crossface

Join hosts Mario and Ross for a chat about the amazing world of wrestling, ranging from local events like Fierce Females and ICW, to the big leagues like WWE and TNA.

Kenmure Parish Church - LOCAL CHURCH SERMONS


Join Reverend James Gemmell for regular recordings of Sunday sermons from Kenmure Parish Church in Bishopbriggs, East Dunbartonshire. Produced and uploaded entirely by themselves. You can find out more at their website: 


Other churches are welcome to record as well, contact us if this is something you would be interested in doing! 

Lewis & Ross Music Shows 


Lewis Flynn and Ross Donald present a series of music shows based on their personal taste and the odd dedication from listeners.   

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