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It’s Not Just About Presenting Your Own Show!

"There is more ways to skin a cat", that's what we used to be told as kids and it is very true.  At East Dunbartonshire Radio we are not just looking for the DJ presenter, but also people who can suss out a good story, create interesting audio designs for the station and develop the sound of the shows.  Most importantly we badly need people with at least a years commitment to help run the service to use and develop their skills promoting the good news from our area.

Former station manager Chris at the East Dunbartonshire Radio boards
Office Bearers

Chris Beattie was our first Station Manager but since his Awards for All funding came to an end we have had to depend on volunteers fulfilling these rolls.  We do appreciate people who want to volunteer for a few months in any other roles but if you are going to be an office bearer we need a commitment of at least a year (ideally three) and you must be able to demonstrate that you have experience as either an accountant (or similar), social media/marketing/pr officer, administrator, advertising, sales and fundraising. 


Again please email your cv demonstrating your relevant knowledge.

Citizen Reporter uses mobile phone to talk to resident
Citizen Reporters

At a sports match and a supporter has a lot to say about the game? Know the manager or chairman of the local club or voluntary group?  Whapp out your mobile phone voice app, make sure you have the speaker near enough to each others mouths, do a trial run and then have a chat with one another about the issue you are all het up about.  Make sure you save the recording and email it across to us. Provide us with enough information to do an introduction and some promotion and we will try and get the show on air asap.

East Dunbartonshire Radio volunteer producer

Think you have an ear for making bland audio sound great, find it annoying when something is not tightly edited together, even better got a strong desire to improve the sound of radio advertising?  If you would prefer to edit outside the studio that is not a problem. Come show us what you have to offer by firstly sending in a sample of your audio and then arranging to visit our studios.

East Dunbartonshire Radio volunteer presenters in studio

“You know you can talk for Scotland”, has anyone said that to you if so then perhaps you are the ideal person to present at least a 60 minute music and chat show?  Have a listen to Siusaidh and Piet’s "Through the Seasons" as they work off each other or the lads from the Crossface Podcast who with chat and the occasional guest natter on about all things Scottish wrestling.  It’s not easy particularly if like Siusaidh you produce your own programme but it can be great fun.


Once again send us an example of your work and ideally what sort of East Dunbartonshire orientated show you could present.

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