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Just Some of The Questions We Have Been Asked In The Past


Where can I hear East Dunbartonshire Radio?

East Dunbartonshire Radio is currently available on Mixcloud and Itunes.  Due to funding issues we are not currently available as a streaming service on TuneIn, but if you would like to donate to our service we may be able to move that goal forward.


Who are the presenters of your programming?


Anyone can be what we call a citizen reporter, all it takes is the voice app on your mobile phone, the desire to spot a good story in the making and a willingness to ask the right people the right questions.  Record the interview on your phone, send us some details and we will edit it together as part of one of our In Our Community shows.


Do you not have paid staff then?


No not currently; from the start we have teamed up with our sister charity Cue and Review -Print Speaking to the Blind and they encourage their team to volunteer with us to gain more experience of the studios.  Other than that all our presenters and technicians are volunteers. We would also stress that with practically no current funding your travel expenses are at your own cost


Do I have to live in East Dunbartonshire to be involved? 


No – but you do need to develop local knowledge. We are trying to highlight the work of the 800 voluntary organisations (according to OSCR) in East Dunbartonshire. At present only our In Our Community Programme is achieving this. So if you work for the Girl Guides, for example, and are based outside East Dunbartonshire we would hope your general programme  on Guiding  would highlight local youth groups.  


Are you just looking for presenters?


No – our Steering Committee that was set up in 2012 achieved its funded goals except for the creation of a committee made up of local voluntary organisation representatives.  We, in effect would love to become the radio station for voluntary organisations but we still badly need people with proven charity law, media law, social media, financial planning, administration and fundraising experience. If you wish to serve on the committee we would require a minimum of one year commitment and ideally a three year term. 


How do I donate to the service?

You can either sponsor a show at a minimum of £30 per ten minute programme, or from £500 to sponsor a week of programming. We would also love to hear from people with fundraising ideas where they can attract an audience.  So if you wish to record a series of programmes and know that you have an audience out there desperate to listen to you, raise the funds first and then come and chat to us.   For more information please e-mail us.


Keeping in Touch

As East Dunbartonshire Radio currently can't afford to pay rent to the host studios (Cue and Review Recording Service) at the moment our presenters and technicians are encouraged to do readings for the blind.  Find out more on their site we also encourage you to join up to the joint email list so as we can cross promote all our activities. 

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